Our AMBiotec nutrition services

Take care of your exploitation with our technical services
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Our AMBiotec nutrition services

Custom systems

With our products we aim to offer totally personalized and comprehensive production systems to make your exploitation more profitable.

Coprological and bacteriological analyzes

With our laboratory, we guarantee monitoring and controling your exploitation to achieve excellent results.

Analysis of raw materials and feeds

Control de calidad de tus materias primas para determinar que tus animales comen lo mejor evitando el riesgo de contaminaciones.

Farm visits

Our veterinarians help you and take care that your exploitation is more profitable and respectful of animal welfare.

Extensive network of distributors

Our commercial network with distributors throughout Spain offers you the best service in the quickest time.

Latest advances in animal nutrition

We offer you the latest advances in nutrition from the best veterinary nutritionists in the national market.

Expert veterinary nutritionists at your service

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Our mission in AMBiotec nutrition

Is to offer you the best services to get excellent results in your livestock farm
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